Basic Watercolors with Low Cost Supplies

My name is Eugenia Sudargo also known as nianiani on YouTube, and I will be your teacher for this Basic Watercolors course. This class will cover the very basic wet on dry watercolour technique by using art supplies that is easily available and fairly affordable for starters.
The class then follows up with an introduction to many different types of watercolour paints. Than how to get ready to paint along using the downloadable template and tracing over thick watercolour paper the simple and cheap way, without having to buy a tracing tablet.
After the students are settled, we will get straight into the wet on dry watercolour techniques which are
Flat washes and introduction to values with watercolour
Negative flat washes
Dry brush and brush control
The students are encouraged to paint along each technique at a time in their as their class project. The video will show you right down from loading your brush to painting on watercolor paper.
This course is geared mainly towards beginners who would like to or just picked up watercolours recently, however this course will also be good for any watercolour enthusiasts. Hope you guys enjoy the course and learnt something new in the process!
*For more watercolor works by me please visit:





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