Basics of Hand-Drawn Animation

Join animator Johannes Fast for this introductory course on digital “cel” animation, covering the basic principles of animation and simple workflow techniques in Adobe Animate.
You’ll learn the basic animation workflow, animation principles and how to apply them, and finally how to animate a walkcycle.
The class is aimed towards students with little or no prior experience in animation. It’s great for aspiring animators trying to get into the industry, illustrators who want animate their work or add another tool to their toolbelt to better accommodate clients, and content creators who want to animate their.
By the end of this course, you’ll know the basics that all aspiring animators need to start creating their first animations and have your first professionally animated piece for a portfolio.
A digital animation program is required for the class, preferably Adobe Animate. You’ll also need a form of digital drawing tablet. A mouse will work but it will make the process a lot harder. An iPad with an animation app also works great.





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