Calligraphy Essentials: From First Script to Final Flourish

You’ve seen his calligraphy on Instagram—now it’s time to pick up your pen!
Go behind-the-scenes with world-renowned calligraphy icon Seb Lester in this beautiful and in-depth masterclass, only available on Skillshare. Perfect for beginners and professionals alike, you’ll learn to create perfect italic letterforms with a broad nib pen, and finish the class with an elegant and polished piece of writing you can truly call your own.
Lessons include everything you need for an inspiring and comprehensive learning experience, including close-up demonstration, step-by-step walkthroughs, and an exclusive printable workbook.
From tiny pen manipulations to careful considerations for proportion and spacing, no detail has been left unturned in this methodical introduction to pen and ink. Key lessons include:
Essential strokes for consistent letterforms
How to hold and manipulate your pen
Detailed walkthroughs of lower and uppercase letters
Flourishing techniques for beginners
Calligraphy is an ancient and magical art that has found a new life in the digital era. Through social media and the resurgence of hand lettering, it’s never been more popular.
Use these lessons, resources, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to stretch your creativity, revolutionize your craft, and unlock new perspectives on beautiful art. Whether you’re looking for a place to begin—or are simply curious to see a master at work—this is a class for you.





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