Creative Personal Writing: Write the Real You

That one story from childhood? That song that always takes you back?
Join renowned writer, editor, and speaker Ashley C. Ford for an inspiring, half-hour class on writing from memory! Ashley takes you through one of her own essays, then shares prompts and frameworks so that you can write your own.
You’ll learn essential skills for writing from memory, including:
reporting on yourself
what to do when you don’t remember something you want to write about
pulling memories into the present
sharing your memories with the world
All students are encouraged to write and share their essays from one of her favorite prompts: Write an essay inspired by a popular song from the year you turned 13!
This is a beautiful class for writers of every level, whether you’re just starting out or already published. Ashley’s honest, thorough approach to her own writing is reflected in every lesson, and you will leave with both inspiration for writing your own piece — and also the practical knowledge of how to do it.





Ashley C. Ford
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