Going Viral: Write, Film & Make Content People Share

Join writer, comedian & social media star Matt Bellassai to learn how to create hit online content that people read, watch, follow & share!
Matt Bellassai is famous for his irreverent takes on adulthood. Whether you follow his hilarious Twitter feed, watch his weekly Facebook series To Be Honest, or saw him formerly star in Buzzfeed’s Whine About It, there’s a good chance you’ve laughed at his jokes.
What goes into creating such hit content that people love to share with their friends?
Get ready to go viral. This 70-minute class is an entertaining look at how to write & make that people want to share online—helping you make better content and get bigger reach!
Lessons are packed with frameworks, process advice, examples, and tips, including:
Balancing originality and relatability in your work
Developing your Internet voice
Writing „lists“ that reach the right audience for you
Tweeting better tweets (and the 2 types you need to balance)
Creating successful (hint: you need a script)
Prompts for getting to your best ideas
Secrets to writing effective headlines
And much more!
You’ll love how seamlessly lessons blend insight, examples, and Matt’s signature humor.
This class is for everyone who wants to make a splash online. It’s perfect for writers, comedians, aspiring social media personalities, YouTubers, advertisers, content marketers, fans of Matt’s humor, and everyone who wants to make content that gets shared.
Whether you’re already making content or just getting started, you’ll finish the lessons excited and empowered to create better content that’s true to you and grows your audience.
Get ready to write, film, and make content that gets loved, liked, and shared!
Images: Matt Bellassai x Skillshare





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