Stand out and make money on YouTube! – by Professional YouTuber JAZZA (4mil+ subs)

Turn your passion a career – Art, Gaming, Travel, Fashion – whatever drives you!
In this course I will show you how you can use YouTube to have the freedom to work for yourself, travel internationally, get free products and services, be paid to promote products and services you already love and use, and how a successful YouTube channel can lead to exciting opportunities to grow your brand, like becoming a TV presenter, author, performer, public speaker etc.
Let me be clear: It’s not easy, and while anyone can pick up a camera or start screen recording, start uploading, and call themselves a YouTuber – building stability and making money (with integrity) from YouTube takes patience, passion, personality and perseverance.
I’ve made a living off of YouTube since 2013 form my popular channel Draw with Jazza, but I didn’t have to wait until I had a million subscribers to start earning – I was making money from day 1, when I had ZERO subscribers – through sponsorship, google adsense, and selling my own products. Beyond using the platform as a business avenue, YouTube has been the most rewarding creative avenue I’ve ever pursued, and has enabled me to build an audience of millions without relying on traditional media or productions to do so!
In this course, I dive into the depths of online video creation and teach you how to make content that stands out, how to build your YouTube channel into a business with diverse streams of revenue, and how you can facilitate your passions and live your dreams through the mysterious behemoth that is YouTube.





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